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Posted by on Feb 26, 2010 in Funtertainment, TG Roundup, Videos

Are Gulutes Missing Some Thing?

I am a big fan of music. I don’t really worry about meaning of the song as long as the tune is good. This tendency made me listen to Tamil songs and always admire the way they compose and create. Having said that, follow the video below, which is from a Tamil talent show called ‘Super Star Juniors’

[media id=50 width=480 height=360]

I was stunned the way this little girl, Ankha involved in this episode, background score, editing, Judges and the climax of this episode. I have been following new  ‘Paadutha Teeyaga’ and some how I did not like the way it is presented. I love the old one though. I am not sure if it is some thing we, Telugu people are lacking. Could it be dedication, determination, creativity or originality. I did not meant to say here that we don’t have this kind of talent but there is some thing else we are for certain missing. Please comment.


  1. And I almost forgot to say, I like good music whichever language it is. As Kanaka garu said as long as it touches your heart.

  2. I don’t think we are missing anything. First, Why should there be a comparison? Second, these kids in my opinion have no reason why to be on stage performing!

    It is the age of learning, they should be practicing with dedication, strive to get better.

    We are all doing so much disservice to them by encouraging it. Can you imagine how much pressure they go through especially those who are not fortunate enough to win? They should not be subjected to this kind of pressure.

    I would be more worried about those anchors and actresses who can’t even speak telugu and believe it is fashionable to distort the language deliberately.

  3. Yes! they are naturally talented people! we telugus hype a lot for nothing..

    • You really gave a very BOLD statement here dude. 🙂

      • Really!!!

        Thanks a lot dude.:) 🙂

  4. Kanaka garu ,

    I agree that ‘Tamil’ is a hub of music but i dont buy that gulutes are missing something i watch maa tv vivel ultra pro super singers and am be really amazed by the talent. ex Shanmukha Priya , who is hardly 6 years old sings really good with all the lyrics a different voice suma sree (dont say that thery are extremely good but near to it) .There is talent , but bringing it into sight is something that needs to be done , given paaduta teeyaga , super singers , there is talent which will see light soon .