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  1. Great. Thanks for clarification

  2. Here is a Reply to Quantitative Easing Explained…

    • The other video is overly simplistic or it has some distortions. But it is funny. This video is complete spin for Bernanke and Obama and utterly boring on the QE side. All bad policies were intended to do good for the people and spun as such.

      However, it is possible that the other video was made by right wingers. I find its take on the Feds as accurate. I don’t recall if it ever brought the taxes issue. It is true that taxes under Obama have gone down. He failed to communicate that well. Why bring that here?

      This video is making a claim that QE is an administration’s policy. By that very claim, it is indicating that the Fed is in the pocket of the Administration. All monetary policies are made by the Feds and meant to be independent of the administration.

  3. sounds amazingly true and stunningly satirical! It it were not in cartoon form, it is probably the most pungent diatribe I heard about the bungling that is going on in this so called ‘free market’!

    Thanks for the post.


  4. Eye opener video!

  5. Super Mohan gaaru.