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Posted by on Feb 18, 2010 in Lifestyle, TG Roundup

Make a Toddler Dress From a T-Shirt

[Via – Instructables]

This Instructable will show you how to easily make a long sleeved toddler sized dress from an adult sized t-shirt.

I have a hard time finding winter dresses for my girls, that are not too fancy, and not too expensive. I have a lot of t-shirts, none of which fit me well, so here is a great way to use them.

These dresses go great with leggings, are nice and warm, and the kids love to wear them.

You will need:
A toddler.
A t-shirt that currently fits your toddler.
An adult sized shirt to make into your dress.
A sewing machine.

step 1: Try the t-shirt on the kid.

Have your kid try on the t-shirt. Make sure they are not scared of the logo, or think it’s ugly or itchy, or what have you. This is also your chance to check the length, collar and sleeves. The length will be about an inch shorter than it is now. You can make it as short as you want, but you can’t make it any longer. The sleeves will be the same length they are now. If the collar is too big, see the last step on this instructable, but it does make the project a lot harder. My advice is to pick a different t-shirt, or find a bigger kid.

Try the t-shirt on the kid.

step 2: Cut the pieces.

Now take the t-shirt, lay it flat, and smooth it out. Take a shirt that already fits your kid, and lay it on top, lining up the top seams of the shirts. If the shirt you are using as a pattern flares out at the bottom, adjust it so it goes straight down. Now cut straight across, about 1/2 inch down from the bottom of the pattern shirt. This piece will be your skirt. You can make it shorter if you want, but leave the finished edge on the bottom alone. Cut along the rest of the shirt, leaving about 1/2 for seam allowance.

Cut the pieces.

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  1. Cool . I remember there was an ad (Godrej ezzeee detergent??? chalees ka chattees .. 40 to 36 ) Per indian ads , don’t use ezeee your adult t shirt will be automaticaly a toddler t shirt with out scissors .. Just Kidding ….